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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Top 5 Mobile Phone tracing Softwares for Pakistan and World

I have compiled a list of free  Mobile Phone tracing Softwares which provide real time tracing and they are totally free. So here is the list:

MobiWee currently supports:
1-Windows Mobile
Sorry if the service not includes you mobile technology. They provide real time tracing with maps.

Find My Iphone:
Once you install this software on your Iphone then you can:
1.Find your iPhone on a map.
2-Find where your son is now.

This service only supports Iphones.

Mobile Tracing System:
Mobile Tracing System is a free system with latest technologies providing current location of phone with real time stats. It supports Gps, Gsm and GPRS.

How To Track A GSM Phone In Pakistan?

If you want to track a GSM Phone  you will have to get  a software program which is capable of doing such things. But such softwares not work properly and their tracking capabilities are very bad and softwares which provide real time tracing are very expensive.
There is a service which can provide you the city of the Mobile number. I call this service "Location Finder" but it works on Telenor numbers only.
How To Track A GSM Phone In Pakistan?
Simply go to write message and enter the desired number and send it to "669".

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Buy Sim Card Reader In Pakistani

A great tool for those who want to add and edit information on their Ufone, Waird, Zong, Telenor numbers.

Here are the benefits of Sim Card Reader:
1-Backup contacts
2-Backup SMS
3-Can edit information
4-Can add information
and some others functions which you already know and i am not going to mention it here.

Second hand: $1.97
New: $3.82
May be 1 dollar shipping fees also include in it but this is a great tool for you

You can buy it from Amazon. Here are the links:

Usb 2.0 Sim Card Reader Memory Gsm Cdma Sms Backup

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

How to trace a Mobile In Pakistan

Do you want to trace a mobile phone o find out where your client or friend actually lives. I am sured you always fail and now you are also reading this article to dig some information.

How To Trace A Mobile Phone
The best mehtod to trace a mobile phone is by using a software that allows you to monitor all the activities within a mobile phone. such program can:
1- Record everything (SMS, Calls) and you can view it on your computer.
2-Finding current location of Mobile
3-All networks compatible like Telenor, Warid, Ufone and Zong

The name of this software is "Ultimate PK Tracker" but the software is still in beta testing mode. I am working hard to fix a few bugs in it to make it error free.

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